Springdale Inn
2160 Erb Road
Verona, Wisconsin, 53593, United States
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Springdale Inn - Proud to be Green!

Founded in 2012, we at Springdale Inn are proud to be a GREEN B&B! Our mission is to provide a premier hospitality experience for our guests while living lightly upon our earth.

Imagine how deeply good you will feel when you spend your special weekend get-away, or a few precious days during the week at a truly Green and Environmentally Healthy B&B!

We are delighted to be among the greenest of the green, and among the healthiest of the healthy.

About Our Green Inn

We in Wisconsin cherish our long tradition of environmentalism. Our own Senator Gaylord Nelson was the founder of Earth Day. Aldo Leopold was one of America’s first environmentalists. His writings, including A Sand County Almanac, provided the impetus for a nationwide shift toward preservation, appreciation and protection of the natural world.

We are doing our part to restore and protect our precious native habitat. In May of 2012, we seeded 54 acres with native prairie species. This restored prairie will provide habitat for a diverse community of mammals, and for threatened and endangered grassland birds and butterflies. The colors, scents, sights and sounds of the prairie will provide you, our guest, with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the natural world, and to be infused with the joys that only nature can provide. As Emerson said, “The earth laughs in flowers.”

Springdale Inn is super-insulated, and passive solar by design. Our windows are glazed for maximum energy efficiency, and our south-facing windows are specially glazed to allow the rays of the winter sun to enter and warm our living spaces. Our floor to ceiling stone chimney, and tile floors in our two sunrooms provide not only architectural beauty, but also thermal mass to boost the natural heating and cooling capacity of our B&B.

Our Sunpower Photovoltaic System has reduced our carbon footprint by more than 20,000 lbs since October of 2011. The southern side of our environmentally-friendly metal roof is home to our 22 REC 230watt photovoltaic system, provided by the wonderful folks at Full Spectrum Solar in Madison. Our system produces about 6,279 kWh of electricity every year. On many sunny days, our system generates more electricity than we can use. This excess energy is sold back to our local power company, thus reducing fossil fuel consumption and pollution. In the month of April, 2012, our electric bill was $1.50, which included electricity for our 600 sq. ft. alpaca barn.

With all the natural ambiance of a fireplace, our high efficiency wood heater provides welcome radiant heat and a wonderful dance of flames on cold winter nights.

All of our hot water needs are met via an on-demand tank-less water heater. Used extensively in Europe, these systems are energy efficient because they only heat water when it is needed/demanded.

We maintain a “Summer Kitchen” on our east-facing deck, for canning and freezing processes, and to prepare our evening meal. Utilizing this outdoor space to cook and bake keeps our B&B cool on hot summer days, and reduces the demand for air conditioning. We will be building a wood fired outdoor oven at one of our workshops.

Green Learning Opportunities: We offer classes and workshops on green and sustainable living, including mushroom growing, permaculture practices, wild food gathering and preparation, building with local dry stack stone, and organic gardening. We are also offering art workshops, including drawing and watercolor painting.